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Trump accuses FBI of stealing three passports

Former US President Trump accuses FBI of stealing three passports during search During a search of Trump's residence, FBI agents seized three passports, which was a sign of “unprecedented attack” on a political opponent, the ex-president said. The FBI reported the discovery of classified documents and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

Trump accused the FBI of stealing three passports

Entrance to Donald Trump's estate

During a search at the residence of former US President Donald Trump, FBI officers seized, among other things, three of his passports, one of which was expired. The politician stated this on the Truth social network, Fox News reports.

“This is an attack on a political opponent at a level never before seen in our country. Third World!»— wrote the ex-president of the United States, calling the incident a theft.

Probably, we are talking about an ordinary passport, one expired document of the same type, and a specially issued passport. As stated on the website of the US Embassy, ​​special edition passports are intended, in particular, for diplomats or other government employees— for business trips abroad.

Federal agents raided the Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida on August 8. The National Archives and Records Administration suggested in February that Trump, leaving the presidency, removed 15 boxes of documents from the White House, including classified documents. The documents were later returned, but the DOJ initiated a search warrant for the FBI to make sure there were no stolen documents left on the estate.

According to the inventory of the seized papers, federal agents were interested in 11 sets of documents at the Trump residence, some of them were labeled “confidential”, “secret”, “top secret”; and “confidential classified information.” The FBI suspected Trump of violating the espionage law, Politico reported in mid-August. A similar judgment was expressed in the US House of Representatives, calling on the country's National Intelligence Service to check the former president for violations of the law on espionage. “Former President Trump's behavior has potentially put our national security at serious risk,” stated in a letter addressed to the head of the department, Avril Haynes.

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Trump insists he declassified documents he kept during his tenure, indicating that FBI agents could “not play politics and break in.” to the residence. The incident was “an un-American, unjustified and unnecessary raid and infiltration,” he said.

The ex-president refused to testify against himself during several hours of interrogation, invoking the fifth amendment to the US Constitution. In his opinion, the authorities of the country and the media forced him to remain silent, deploying the “greatest witch hunt” in US history.

Trump demanded that the FBI return the seized documents, stressing that, among other things, federal agents took away boxes of materials that fall under attorney-client privilege, as well as papers protected by the so-called executive privilege (executive privilege , implies the president's right not to disclose certain information.— RBC).

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