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The SBU suspected that the military during the interview revealed the plans of the Ukrainian army

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense reported that one of the high-ranking military during an interview voiced information that reveals the strategic plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Security Service of Ukraine has launched an investigation into a high-ranking military man who leaked information about the plans of the country's Armed Forces during an interview with one of the Ukrainian publications. Anna Malyar, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, wrote about this on Facebook (the social network is owned by Meta, whose activities are recognized as extremist and banned in Russia).

“The SBU found that an interview with a high-ranking military man to a well-known publication contains information that, by individual indicators, reveals information about the content of strategic (operational) plans for the use of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, issues of training, organization of combat operations,” — she said, without specifying who exactly and what media she was talking about.

Malyar added that the Ministry of Defense and the SBU are working together to counteract the leakage of important military information through the media and other public channels.

A Babel.ua source in law enforcement suggested that Malyar was referring to Major General Dmitry Marchenko and his interview with RBC-Ukraine. Then, in particular, he announced the plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to strike at the bridge across the Kakhovka reservoir (located on the territory of the Kherson, Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk regions), so that the Russian military “could not transfer their reserves over it.” Delo.ua also writes that it could be Marchenko.

According to Strana.ua, Malyar is talking about General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Serhiy Krivonos, who gave an interview to Radio NV last week. As Focus.ua draws attention, Malyar criticized the conversation, saying that “a respected journalist and a no less respected former high-ranking military man are on the air talking about how to deceive the enemy with information.” She called the interview “an example of direct harm to the work of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

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Vasily Malyuk, the first deputy of Bakanov, was appointed acting head of the SBU. The duties of the Prosecutor General were assigned to Deputy Venediktova Alexei Simonenko; Venediktova was appointed Ambassador of Ukraine to Switzerland.

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