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Finnish Foreign Minister names turning point in talks with Turkey

The Finnish Foreign Minister called the “coffee break” a turning point in the negotiations with Turkey The Finnish Foreign Ministry was surprised that the differences with Turkey were resolved at the NATO summit in Madrid, as they still had open questions about the membership of Helsinki and Stockholm in the alliance

Finnish Foreign Minister names turning point in negotiations with Turkey

Turkish-Finnish talks in Ankara

The coffee break during talks with Turkey to resolve differences over Finland's and Sweden's accession to NATO was a turning point. Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto spoke about this in an interview with the Spanish newspaper EL Mundo.

“Perhaps the turning point was the coffee break. The parties sat for two hours repeating the same phrases, but during the coffee break we came up with creative ideas and were able to change the text to find a common solution, — he said (quoted by TASS).

Havisto said he was surprised that Ankara and Helsinki would be able to reach an agreement at the NATO summit in Madrid, as there were many open questions. Haavisto called the signed document a success.

The head of the Finnish Foreign Ministry recalled that this is more a political declaration than a legal agreement, which means that the parties will not have to change the law and everything will be done in accordance with applicable laws. Helsinki also expressed readiness to strengthen cooperation with Ankara on issues related to terrorism.

“Currently, we have no open cases [for the extradition of PKK members]. When there are requests, we promised to quickly consider them, & mdash; Haavisto added, stressing that all this will be implemented in accordance with Finnish law.

Sweden and Finland announced plans to join NATO after the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine. However, Turkey opposed the initiative, saying that the two countries are providing asylum to members of the PKK and supporters of the cleric Fethullah Gülen, whom the Turkish authorities believe was the mastermind behind the 2016 coup attempt.

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Nevertheless, at the NATO summit, which began in Madrid on June 28, Turkey, Sweden and Finland held talks, as a result of which Ankara agreed to their entry into the bloc. After that, the countries received an official invitation to join the alliance (which requires the consent of all NATO members).

Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting on the plans of Finland and Sweden to join NATO, said that Russia “is not concerned about this.” , but warned of a mirror response from Moscow.

Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Sweden and Finland must fulfill their promises to Ankara, after which the Turkish Parliament will ratify their applications for NATO membership. He stated that countries should extradite “terrorists” to Ankara, make changes as soon as possible and “prevent terrorist propaganda against Turkey.”

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