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The Kremlin called the timing of Russia’s achievement of technological sovereignty

Peskov: it will take 10 to 20 years to achieve Russia's technological sovereignty ://s0.rbk.ru/v6_top_pics/media/img/2/81/756563001457812.jpg” alt=”The Kremlin announced the timing of Russia's achievement of technological sovereignty” />

Special Presidential Envoy for Digitalization Dmitry Peskov

Russia can achieve technological sovereignty in 10-20 years, for this it is necessary to create a conditional “Diamond Fund” from dozens of own developments. About this in an interview with RIA Novosti said Dmitry Peskov, special presidential envoy for digitalization.

“If we talk about the realistic task of technological sovereignty, it looks like this: in 10-20 years, you can create 30-50 own lines of advanced developments that will become exhibits of our “Diamond Fund of Technologies” and will be able to provide food, security, medicine and connectivity in the country in case of any cataclysms,— said Peskov.

According to him, “the question is to have your own“ Diamond Fund ” technological developments that either only you have, that is, this technological superiority, or three to five other countries in the world have— i.e. technological parity. The representative of the president noted that, unlike the usual “Diamond Fund” — technologies are depreciating and need to be “constantly replenished.”

After the start of the military operation in Ukraine, Western and Asian countries imposed sanctions against Russia. In particular, the United States announced restrictions on high-tech exports, due to which, for example, processor manufacturers stopped supplying them to Russia. US sanctions did not affect consumer appliances and electronics, but many foreign companies independently suspended or completely stopped the supply of their products to Russia, including Apple, Samsung, Dell, etc. The EU, in turn, imposed restrictions on the supply of electronic goods for home use more expensive than €750, as well as electronic devices for recording video and sound costing more than €1 thousand. Several large software developers have also left the Russian market, including SAP, Oracle, etc.

In early June, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin ordered the creation of industrial competence centers for import substitution in key sectors of the economy. He also invited the government commission to consider proposals to replace industry and system-wide foreign solutions with Russian software products and software and hardware systems.

In turn, the Special Representative of the Russian President for Digital and Technological Development Dmitry Peskov proposed a “technological island” strategy, by which he means the achievement of full technological sovereignty. For this, according to him, it is necessary to work out the “green” agenda, create our own techno-economic block, an export package of agricultural products, a new generation of transport logistics corridors between Russia and Asian countries, etc.

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