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Kadyrov announced the formation of four Chechen battalions “Akhmat”

According to the head of Chechnya, the desire to form new battalions is caused by “an extremely patriotic mood among the youth of the region”

Four military battalions will soon be formed in the Chechen Republic, the contingent of which will include exclusively Chechens. The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, announced this in his Telegram.

“Friends, very soon 4 military battalions “North-Akhmat”, “South-Akhmat”, “West-Akhmat” will be formed in the Chechen Republic; and “Vostok-Akhmat” with an impressive number of personnel. The military contingent will include only Chechen guys. They will replenish the composition of the troops of the Russian Ministry of Defense,», — he wrote.

Battalion— the main tactical unit in the ground forces, airborne troops and parts of the marine corps. The battalion consists of several companies and separate platoons and can include from 145 to 500 people.

According to the head of Chechnya, the desire to form new battalions is caused by “an extremely patriotic mood among the youth of the region.” “Together with the Chairman of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic, Magomed Daudov, I visited the inner-city settlement of Khankala to inspect a potential building to be converted to the needs of two emerging battalions. For the first two groups, the proposed location has already been selected. In the interests of the military personnel, all conveniences will be provided here, & mdash; Kadyrov said.

The head of the republic instructed members of the government to prepare design estimates, install the necessary communications and start asphalting the roadway leading to the site.

Servicemen from the Chechen Republic have been taking part in a special military operation since the end of February. Kadyrov said that they are involved in the most hot spots of the operation. In mid-March, he said, 1,000 volunteers went to Ukraine. In early April, he again announced the dispatch of another 1 thousand people, and in May he spoke about another 600 volunteers.

Read on RBC Pro Pro What companies need to consider when creating a corporate superapp for employees Instructions Pro A complete guide to OFZ: what securities will save you from inflation today Articles Pro 46 thousand people lost their money. How the cryptocurrency market collapsed Articles Pro Microsoft or Netflix: who will become the leader in the gaming market. Digest Pro Articles From Magazine to Airline: Read Richard Branson's “Losing Your Virginity” Summary Pro Tax Controversy: What to Pay Attention to Right Now >In early May, Kadyrov published a video about sending fighters to Ukraine, in which it was reported that the volunteers were fully paid for travel, accommodation and uniforms. They are also trained by professional instructors at the Russian Spetsnaz University in Gudermes. On the day of departure, volunteers receive 300 thousand rubles, and then $53 daily from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Earlier, the head of Chechnya said that volunteers who returned from a special operation in Ukraine seek to go there again and take part in hostilities, in order to “put an end to the situation with the underdogs polluting the earth's firmament.”

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