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A military expert told why the Armed Forces of Ukraine are hitting Lugansk with “Points” and “Hurricanes”

“Ukraine no longer has conventional ammunition”

Ukrainian armed formations are brutally shelling residential areas of Donbass. Over the past few days, the cities of Bryanka, Stakhanov, and Teplichnoye have suffered in the Luhansk People's Republic. The Armed Forces of Ukraine use Tochka-U operational-tactical systems and Uragan multiple launch rocket systems. Military expert Yevgeny Linin, in an interview with MK, explained why the Armed Forces of Ukraine use these types of weapons and how they can be countered.

“Point U” at the parade in Kyiv. Photo: Frame from video.

“At the beginning of the special operation, there were not so many Tochka-U operational-tactical systems in Ukraine,” he said. Most of them have already been destroyed. Missiles for these systems have not been produced for a long time. At the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, there were about three hundred of them in service with the army of Kyiv. The Ukrainian authorities sold some of them to Yemen, some remained. We do not know the exact number, but according to some estimates, it is 180-200 pieces. Since the start of hostilities, about a hundred rockets have been fired. Therefore, we can assume that now there are about 80 left. But, again, this is an exact figure.

– Ukrainians hide them. The fact that “Points” are now flying from the Lisichansk region to the suburbs of Luhansk is a gesture of desperation. Ukraine chose to shoot all the missiles they have in stock at the cities of Donbass. Then, out of desperation, her soldiers will begin to surrender. Most likely, the systems themselves are hidden in underground caponiers near Lisichansk. They are not visible from above, and for this reason it is difficult to destroy.

It is worth noting that the use of multiple launch rocket systems – MLRS has recently decreased. This is due to the fact that Ukraine has practically run out of ammunition for Grad and Tornadoes. That is why we note more and more often the use of the Uragan MLRS, which have been mothballed for a long time and, by and large, were not previously considered as a weapon that will be used.

– Hurricanes are significantly inferior to Tornadoes in range, accuracy and mass of the warhead – explosives and submunitions. But for lack of a better one, they were removed from conservation and are used in full measure for shelling cities and civilians. Because such weapons cannot be effectively used to fight the Russian army and the corps of the LPR and DPR.

Ukrainian artillerymen do not risk coming close to the line of contact, except in cases where they simply have no other choice. As is now happening in Lisichansk, where they are surrounded and use MLRS and Tochki-U at close range.

– Only by destroying the vehicles themselves that carry these weapons, and launchers. Their location is detected using unmanned aerial vehicles, satellites and radar surveillance. The launch of Tochka-U is not difficult to trace. This missile follows a ballistic trajectory. Accordingly, it takes off vertically, while leaving a bright thick trail behind it. When a launcher is detected, it is most effective to hit the areas so that it cannot leave the launch area. Since Ukrainians almost everywhere use a “human shield” from the civilian population, point weapons should be used. These can be drones armed with appropriate missiles, or kamikaze drones, which are now actively used by the Russian army.

Lugansk, LPR.

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