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The State Duma Committee proposed to return the draft law on withdrawal from the WTO to the authors

It was proposed to leave the organization in A Just Russia. The Economic Policy Committee indicated that withdrawal from the WTO would lead to a change in the country's financial obligations, so the bill requires the government's opinion

The State Duma Committee on Economic Policy proposed to return to the authors the draft law on the denunciation of the treaty on Russia's accession to the WTO, the review is posted on the page of the initiative in the database of the lower house of parliament.

The committee pointed out that the authors did not attach the government's conclusion to the document. They explained that the decision to withdraw Russia from the WTO would allow other countries— members of the organization to impose increased duties on the export of Russian goods. “Thus, exports from the Russian Federation may be reduced and lead, among other things, to a reduction in tax bases for VAT, excise duties, and customs duties, which are the sources of formation of the federal budget,” — members of the legal commission explained. The reduction in exports, as well as the termination of payment of membership fees to the WTO, will lead to a change in the financial obligations of the country, and the bills that entail such consequences, according to Art. 104 of the Constitution, can be submitted to the State Duma only if there is a government opinion.

The bill on Russia's withdrawal from the WTO in March was introduced by the deputies of the “Fair Russia”; For the truth. The explanatory note stated that after the deterioration of relations with the EU, the US and other countries in 2014, Russia's benefits from membership in the organization were reduced. “In order to protect the national interests of the Russian Federation, the need to pursue a protectionist policy, as a response to sanctions pressure and as a self-defense [the country should leave the WTO]”, — consider the authors.

Party chairman Sergei Mironov said that the WTO “did a lot of harm with its restrictions” Russian economy.

Russia joined the WTO in 2012. In mid-March, the organization reported that they had received a proposal from 14 countries to deprive the country of the most favored nation treatment in trade because of the military operation in Ukraine.

The Russian mission responded by stating “dangers looming over the multilateral trading system due to recent aggressive and politically motivated trade restrictive actions by some members” and criticized proposals to exclude Moscow from the WTO or suspend its membership.

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In March, Russia left the Council of Europe, in April— The UN Human Rights Council and the UN World Tourism Organization.

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