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Russia imposed sanctions against the former “daughters” of “Gazprom”

The list includes Gazprom Germania, in which Gazprom ceased participation more than a month ago, and other European assets. Transactions with them are prohibited, and ships chartered by them are also prohibited from entering Russian ports. ” alt=” Russia has imposed sanctions against the former subsidiaries of Gazprom” />

The Russian government has approved a list of companies that will fall under Russian retaliatory sanctions, the document is published on the official portal of legal information. In total, 31 companies are listed in it.

The list included mainly former “daughters” Gazprom, including Gazprom Germania. The company, in turn, manages the former European assets of Gazprom, which are also included in the sanctions list: Gazprom NGV Europe, Wingas, Astora, Gazprom Marketing&Trading, Vemex and others. “Gazprom” ceased participation in Gazprom Germania and other European subsidiaries; from April 1.

In addition, Polish Europol, which owns a section of the Yamal gas pipeline— Europe going through Poland.

It is prohibited to make transactions with sanctioned companies, including those that provide for the entry into Russian ports of ships associated with these legal entities, as well as making payments and transactions with securities in favor of companies.

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on retaliatory measures against the sanctions on May 3. It states that the measures are being introduced in order to protect the national interests of the country and in response to unfriendly and contrary to international law actions of the United States and the states that have joined them. The latter, as considered by the country's leadership, are trying to “illegally” deprive or restrict Russia and its citizens of property rights.

In addition to restrictions on transactions, the decree also introduced a ban on the export of products and raw materials outside Russia in favor of sanctioned companies.

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The government was given ten days to approve the relevant list of legal entities.

After Gazprom ceased participation in European subsidiaries, the company withdrew its representatives from the management bodies of Gazprom Germania, companies controlled by it and investment objects.

Germany, in turn, introduced external management into Gazprom Germania, transferring the company to the Federal Network Agency of Germany .

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