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Lukashenko announced the purchase of Iskander and S-400 missiles from Russia

According to the Belarusian president, the republic has purchased a sufficient number of missile systems from Russia. In addition, Moscow promised to help the neighboring country “bring to mind” the missiles it is developing


Belarus has purchased a sufficient number of missiles from Russia complexes “Iskander” and anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 “Triumph”, said President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting with the Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Gleb Nikitin, the words of the head of state are given on his website.

“We agreed with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin. We bought from you the number of these Iskanders, S-400s we needed, and armed our army. Now it is a completely different army with such weapons. At the very least, the unacceptable damage this weapon can cause is colossal,— said Lukashenka.

In addition, Russia, he said, will help Belarus “bring to mind the new missiles” that it creates. “We have made significant progress, but with the Russians we will quickly create a normal rocket— they have more competencies»,— noted the Belarusian president, adding that “if a smart person comes and tells us that we are not doing it that way,” then by the end of this year, the Belarusians will receive a missile modeled on the Iskanders. “Very good weapon”, — considers Lukashenka.

On May 10, the Belarusian president announced that Russia would assist the republic in the development of missile weapons. According to him, he has already agreed on this with his Russian colleague. As Lukashenko said, Putin “with him” set such a task to the General Director of Roskosmos To Dmitry Rogozin: so that Belarusians do not reinvent the wheel, but can rely on the experience of Russian developers.

In addition, Belarus expects to keep the existing S-400 and Iskander air defense systems. “Good weapons” will allow the Belarusian army “to fight and inflict unacceptable damage on the enemy,” the head of state said. “We are realists, we understand that we will not succeed in defeating NATO. But to cause damage, especially to those territories from which we will be attacked,— we have all these weapons,»,— BelTA quoted his words.

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In early February, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that combat crews The S-400 air defense system took up combat duty at a training ground in the Brest region during an inspection of the reaction forces of the Union State.

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