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The Ambassador of Kazakhstan called the reasons for the pogroms in Alma-Ata

Ambassador of Kazakhstan: there were people prepared for riots at the protests in Alma-Ata There were peaceful protesters, and there were organized pogromists, Yermek Kosherbaev believes =”The Ambassador of Kazakhstan called the reasons for the pogroms in Alma-Ata” />


The protests in Almaty in early January involved a variety of people, both peaceful protesters and “certain people” who were prepared to take part in the riots. The Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Russia Yermek Kosherbaev spoke about this in an interview with RBC TV channel.

“In Alma-Ata, these were both peaceful protesters, and there were also people who are simply classified as certain people who are unemployed or without a permanent job. And the people were also prepared. <…> The assault that was carried out, just like that, people, peaceful demonstrators, did not go for it. That is, I am more than sure, housewives or people of some age, well, why should they go to smash, destroy, rob, break windows, set fire to something, beat, — said the ambassador.

According to him, among the protesters there were people who “led to such a case”, mostly young people. “I don’t want to say that all these young people were directly opposed to something. A lot of them just got involved,” — noted Kosherbaev. The authorities will receive more complete data after the investigation, “it is necessary to understand what, where, who, how they moved in order to take appropriate measures to prevent a repetition in the future.”

Kosherbaev noted that the consciousness of the population also played a role, there were people who took the salvation of the situation into their own hands, especially in the satellite cities of Alma-Ata. “A kind of civilian headquarters appeared, people began to build certain posts so that destructive elements and emissaries would not penetrate their cities and could not do what they did in Alma-Ata,” — the ambassador said. He added that in Alma-Ata itself, in a number of residential complexes and villages, citizens took the protection of objects and housing into their own hands and did not allow marauders.

“Many people ask: why, for example, this or that shopping center couldn't rob? Because it turned out so that the guards and the tenants themselves were able to defend, — noted Kosherbaev.

In his opinion, Alma-Ata— a large city, and the forces of law and order in it turned out to be insufficient. “Now they are figuring out why some part of the forces was not ready at that moment. I'm not getting ahead of myself now, I don't want to blame anyone. I, like all citizens, want to wait, let them say what really happened, — he concluded.

According to the ambassador, the main task of the organizers of the riots was “to deprive the center of communication with the regions, sow chaos, make the country ungovernable at this moment.” “Then there is chaos, then there is anarchy. Not even anarchy. Anarchy— it's probably some form of government. And there is an orgy»,— considers Kosherbaev.

Speaking about the episode with the capture of the Alma-Ata airport, the ambassador expressed confidence that “everything was organized” there too. “And now there is such talk and information that the airport was abandoned [by law enforcement forces]. However, many airport workers remained there and helped get people out. “This again speaks of the human qualities of the inhabitants of my hometown, I was born in this city. Therefore, I want to say that the people of Almaty— this is probably such a special people,»,— Kosherbaev emphasized.

Protest demonstrations began in Kazakhstan on January 2, the pretext for them was a sharp increase in the price of liquefied gas for cars. However, the protests quickly turned into pogroms, looting and the seizure of administrative buildings. There was practically no power in Alma-Ata for several days, chaos and shooting reigned in the streets. Many shopping centers and banks were looted, the building of the city administration was burned down. When restoring order on the streets of the city, in some cases there were real battles with the use of small arms.

The Akimat of Alma-Atys estimated the amount of damage caused to the city at 112 billion tenge (19.4 billion rubles). According to the authorities, shops with non-food products — they were damaged in the amount of 21 billion tenge (3.6 billion rubles), weapons stores — 6.4 billion tenge (1.1 billion rubles).

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