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Poklonskaya will not become Russian ambassador to Cape Verde

Poklonskaya: plans to become Russian ambassador to Cape Verde have changed due to personal circumstances The Foreign Ministry explained that the decision was due to the changed personal circumstances of Poklonskaya. However, the exact reason for this decision is unknown. The President signed the decree on the appointment of Poklonskaya as Ambassador in October 2021 “Poklonskaya will not become Russian ambassador to Cape Verde” />

Natalia Poklonskaya

Natalia Poklonskaya, who was previously appointed Russian ambassador to Cape Verde, does not plan to leave for this country. She told TASS about this. According to her, this is due to “personal circumstances.”

“Why didn't I take office? Personal circumstances have changed. <…> I always said, I repeat: I want to be useful to our country. Therefore, I am ready for any position where I will be useful to the state, & mdash; said Poklonskaya.

The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed to RBC that Poklonskaya's departure to Cape Verde would not take place due to the fact that “personal circumstances have changed.”

RBC turned to Natalia Poklonskaya for comment.

Poklonskaya began her career in law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, after the annexation of Crimea to Russia in 2014, she became the prosecutor of Crimea, and held this position until 2016. After that, Poklonskaya was elected to the State Duma from United Russia.

RBC sources in the State Duma in August 2021 said that Poklonskaya's candidacy is being considered as an ambassador to Cape Verde. Because of her not quite systemic behavior and extravagant statements, neither the presidential administration, nor United Russia, nor the leadership of Crimea, from which she was elected, wanted to see Poklonskaya in the Duma of the next convocation, sources close to the Kremlin told RBC. As a deputy, Poklonskaya violated factional discipline and voted against raising the retirement age.

The decree of President Vladimir Putin on the appointment of Poklonskaya as Ambassador to Cape Verde was published on October 13, 2021. In a conversation with RBC, Poklonskaya then said that she was happy with the appointment, but refused to answer the question of who owned the initiative.

“My initiative is that I want to work in the diplomatic line. To do this, I studied at the diplomatic academy, wrote a master's thesis, and underwent an internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I like this job. I promise to honorably fulfill my duty and represent my country in the beautiful state of Cape Verde, — she said then.

In December 2021, Poklonskaya defended her master's thesis on the topic of international relations between Russia and Ukraine. «I am at the diplomatic academy, which today, it seems, I have already graduated— defended her master's thesis. My theme is great— “Russian-Ukrainian Relations in the Context of Regional Security in Eastern Europe”, — said Poklonskaya.

In Ukraine, a criminal case was initiated against Poklonskaya on charges of treason. After reports of her appointment as ambassador, the Ukrainian authorities tried to put her on the international wanted list through Interpol. However, the Ukrainian Bureau of Interpol considered this request unlawful, citing Article 3 of the Interpol Charter, which prohibits persecution for political, military, religious or racial reasons.

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