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Loans for pensioners: which banks issue profitable (best) loans to pensioners + 5 stages of registration

Author Yakovleva Galina To read 23 min Published on 2022-01-14 Updated on 2022-01-14 Hello, dear readers of the online magazine “RichPro.ru”! Today we will talk about how and where it is profitable to get a loan for pensioners and which banks give the best loans to non-working pensioners with low interest rates.

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And now let's return to the topic of our article and continue.

After studying the article from beginning to end, you will learn:

  • Can pensioners get a loan at a low interest rate;
  • How to get a loan for a working or non-working pensioner without guarantors;
  • Where you can get an online loan for pensioners without refusal.

Also in the article you will find tips that will help increase↑ the chances of a positive decision. At the end of the publication, we traditionally answer the most popular questions within the framework of the topic under study.

For information on how to get a loan for a pensioner and where they issue the best (profitable) loans for pensioners, read in this issue

1. Is it possible to take a loan for a pensioner

It is far from clear to everyone whether a pensioner can get a loan from a bank. Meanwhile, in elderly people, the need for funds arises no less often, and sometimes even more often.

Before you start studying the features of lending to pensioners, you should understand what categories of older people are usually distinguished. This parameter can have a significant impact on the terms of loans issued.

So, citizens can become pensioners for the following reasons:

  • upon reaching a certain age – 55 for women, 60 for men;
  • with a certain length of service, that is, for length of service;
  • in case of loss of a breadwinner;
  • in case of disability.

However, the inclusion of a citizen in one of these categories does not prohibit him from finding a job. Therefore, most pensioners, in addition to payments from the budget, receive salary. Naturally, the presence of a constant income leads to the fact that they are banks that agree to give them a loan.

It is also of great importance that some citizens become pensioners on a preferential basis. Such persons are much younger, they are far from the maximum lending age set by banks.

Moreover, lately the upper limit of the borrower's age has been repeatedly raised↑. First of all, banks do this to attract the maximum number of customers in a highly competitive environment.

For example, consider the age limit in some popular banks:

  • Sberbank requires the borrower to be no more than 75 years old at the end of the loan agreement;
  • In Sovcombank the maximum age at the time of making the last payment is set at 85 years;
  • In terms of lending Post Bank The maximum borrower age differs for men (75 years) and women (80 years).

Many credit institutions treat pensioners as fairly reliable borrowers who have a small but stable income.

However, not every credit institution wants to cooperate with pensioners. Even in those banks where lending to the elderly is provided, not all programs are usually available to such a borrower, but only certain types.

Thus, it is quite realistic to get a loan for pensioners. But you should understand that it's not always easy. If you have any difficulties, loan brokers can be contacted for help.

2. What loans are available for pensioners – an overview of 3 popular types

Retirees are usually interested in what kind of loan they can get. In general, there are no restrictions on the type of loan, anyone can draw up an agreement of the selected type.

It should be borne in mind,that pensioners may be subject to additional restrictions, as well as requirements when obtaining any loans compared to other categories of clients.

Let's look at the most popular types of loans that citizens of this category can apply for.

Type 1. Consumer loan for pensioners

Consumer loan is a loan that is issued by citizens to meet personal needs, for example, the purchase of various consumer goods and services.

Loans of this type are offered by almost all financial institutions. In most cases, not only pensioners who continue to work can get a loan, but also those whose pension is the only source of income.

Conditions for issuing consumer loans can be different:

  • some are issued with mandatory confirmation of income;
  • others – if there is security in the form of guarantors or collateral;
  • Third – when both are missing.

In any case, for registration, you will need to provide a pension certificate or certificate. Other documents depend on which category of pensioners the potential borrower belongs to.

Type 2. Mortgage

Mortgage is a loan secured by real estate stands out.

Most often, a pledge is issued on an object acquired at the expense of credit funds. In some cases, real estate can be collateral.

In principle, no one forbids retirees to take out mortgage loans. However, it should be borne in mind that the conditions for them will be somewhat different.

The main parameters of mortgage lending for pensioners:

  • the loan term is significantly less↓;
  • maximum loan amount lower↓;
  • interest rates are more flexible.
  • Type 3. Car loan

    Retirement age is not a reason to refuse to drive a car. At the same time, like other citizens, there may be a desire to change an existing car for a new, more comfortable one.

    Naturally, there is no cash for this everyone has. In such a situation, you have to resort to the help of a bank.

    Car loanThis is a loan for the purchase of a car, which will act as collateral until full repayment. In other words, the purchased vehicle will be collateral for the loan received.

    To receive a car loan, a pensioner needs to present a passport and pension certificate (or the corresponding certificate).

    Some banks offer special programs for this category of borrowers. Especially popular among pensioners are preferential car loans, which provide support from the state.

    Step-by-step algorithm of actions for obtaining a loan for pensioners

    3. How to get a loan for a pensioner: in cash, on a card or bank account – 5 main stages of obtaining a loan

    Before you start applying for a loan for pensioners, it is important to carefully read the main steps that you will have to go through.

    In general, the procedure practically does not differ from the traditional obtaining of a loan. Therefore, in most cases, it does not cause difficulties. In any case, it is best to familiarize yourself with the upcoming steps in advance.

    Stage 1. Choosing a credit organization

    Today, the task of finding banks lending to pensioners, as well as their subsequent comparison, has been greatly simplified thanks to the ability to use the Internet .

    There are various Internet services that allow online to study the offers of the maximum number of suitable banks.

    However, not all pensioners know how to use a computer. In this case, it is more expedient to turn to relatives and friends for help than to use other ways to search for information.

    In the process of studying the offers of banks, you should choose the most suitable ones. After that, an analysis and comparison of lending conditions, as well as requirements for the borrower, is carried out.

    Stage 2. Applying

    Today, to apply, it is not necessary to go to the office of a credit institution (although this, of course, is not forbidden). It is much easier and more convenient to get a loan using the website of a credit institution.

    Applying online for a loan for pensioners has the following advantages:

    • solution accepted as soon as possible;
    • there is no need to waste time waiting in lines and a long journey.

    Stage 3. Preparation and submission of a package of documents

    When submitting an application at the bank office, the client is sent there immediately with the necessary documents. If the questionnaire is sent via the Internet, you can wait for the bank's response. But it should be borne in mind that in this case, the approval will be preliminary.

    The composition of the package of documents is largely determined by the type of loan chosen. In most cases, pensioners are required to provide a minimum of certificates.

    If a citizen continues to work, usually the package of documents is the same as for other borrowers. But there is one addition – you will need a pension certificate or certificate from the FIU.

    Stage 4 Conclusion of an agreement

    After a positive decision on the submitted application, the bank does not issue money immediately. First of all, you will have to conclude a loan agreement.

    Important! By putting a handwritten signature on this document, the borrower confirms that agrees to all terms and conditions. Therefore the agreement being concluded should be studied as carefully as possible FROM beginning to end.

    If questions arise during the reading process, it is best to ask experts to answer them right away until the contract is concluded.


    First of all, attention should be paid to the following points of the agreement:

    • interest rate;
    • loan term;
    • the possibility and conditions of early repayment;
    • the reason for accrual and the amount of fines and penalties.

    To independently calculate a loan for a pensioner, we recommend using a loan calculator:

    Loan amount:Initial paymentLoan term months years Interest rate% per year% per month Repayment scheme

  • annuity
  • classic
  • One-time fee % ₽ Monthly fee % ₽ Annual fee % ₽ Monthly payment ₽ Monthly commission ₽ Overpayment in monetary termsincluding Loan interest ₽ Monthly interest payments ₽ One-time commission ₽ Monthly commission ₽ Annual payments ₽ Percent overpayment % Total refund

    The effective rate takes into account various parameters, if it differs from the main rate, the loan implies the presence of hidden fees.

    Stage 5. Receiving money

    The method of obtaining borrowed funds is primarily determined by the type of loan being issued.

    For consumer loans, the following options for receiving money are usually used:

    • cash withdrawal at the bank’s cash desk;
    • crediting funds to a bank card;
    • transferring money to the borrower's account.

    For car loans and mortgages, the above methods of issuing a loan, as well as transfer to the seller's account, can be used.

    If the future borrower strictly follows the steps described above for applying for a loan , problems in obtaining a loan usually do not arise.

    4. Where to get a profitable loan (loan) for pensioners with a low interest rate online – TOP 5 best creditor companies

    At the end of the third quarter, more than 500 operated in Russiacredit organizations. Almost half of them provide for lending to pensioners, including online. Under such conditions, it is impossible to study all the programs on the market.

    Creditor ratings compiled by specialists come to the rescue. Below is one of the lists, which includes 5 of the best financial companies with low interest rates on loans and borrowings.

    1) Sovcombank

    Sovcombank is one of the few banks, in the lending line of which there is a special program for pensioners.

    The loan offered to this category of citizens is called “Pension Plus”. It can be issued by both non-working pensioners and those who continue to work. The only restriction is that on the day the loan is fully repaid, the age of the pensioner must be no more than 85 years.

    The program features a discount with an interest rate of 5%. Pensioners who receive payments on Sovcombank cards, as well as borrowers who have connected automatic debiting from bank cards of other credit organizations in payment for a loan being issued, can count on it.

    Retirees may be interested not only in a loan designed specifically for them. Another unique product offered by Sovcombank is the Halva installment card.

    With its help, you can pay at outlets opened by the bank's partners. Today their number exceeds 60 thousand and they are located throughout the country.

    The advantages of issuing a Halva card include:

    • installment period, during which interest is not charged. Depends on the partner and can reach 12 months;
    • registration and maintenance absolutely free;
    • cashback up to 1.5% of the payment amount. Read about what cashback is on a bank card in a separate article.

    2) Tinkoff Bank

    Tinkoff Bank is the only bank in Russia that operates completely remotely.

    Here they are ready to issue a loan without confirmation of their income for most Russians who have reached the age of majority. The service in question is also available for pensioners. The only restriction is that at the date of full repayment of the loan, it should be no more than 70 years.

    The main conditions for lending at Tinkoff Bank are as follows:

    • loan amount up to 3million rubles;
    • maximum loan term is 3 years;
    • rate in the range of 14% up to 25% per annum;
    • client's age is no more than 70 years;
    • the presence of a grace period that reaches passportwith a stamp of permanent registration (or attach a certificate confirming temporary registration).

      Tinkoff offers to apply for a loan online. At the same time, the number of available programs is quite large. Any pensioner will choose a suitable option for himself.

      3) Alfa Bank

      Over the years of its existence, Alfa Bank has earned a reputation as a serious credit institution. Popularity is primarily due to the following factors: convenience, benefits of products, innovative approach.

      Alfa-Bank issues loans to pensioners who continue to work. At the same time, the most popular credit card, which has one of the longest grace periods in Russia. This product is called “One hundred days without interest”.

      The advantage of the named card is the ability to withdraw cash without interest, while other banks provide a grace period only for amounts spent in non-cash transactions.

      The only restriction is that you can withdraw a month without interest no more than 50,000 rubles. In other words, such a card can become a full-fledged replacement for a loan for a small amount.

      4) Moneyman

      Pensioners do not always manage to get a loan from a bank. In this case, microfinance organizations can come to the rescue.

      One of the most popular is Moneyman. Here you can get up to 70,000 rubles for up to 18 weeks.

      To apply for a loan, it is enough to fill out a short application on the official website of the MFI. A decision will be made in a minute.

      If the application is approved, the client is invited to choose a convenient way to receive funds:

    • in the office in cash;
    • transfer to a bank account or card.
    • In the second case, the borrower does not even have to leave the house. For the convenience of customers, the bank's website contains a calculator, which allows even before submitting an application to calculate all loan parameters – payment, overpayment and other important indicators.

      5) Kredito24

      Kredito24is another popular microfinance organization. Here you can get a loan completely without visiting the office, exclusively through the lender's website.


      To apply for a loan, just follow these steps:

    • fill out a short form on the site;
    • send an application;
    • wait for a decision, which is made in a few minutes;
    • receive funds.
    • Usually money is transferred to the card of any bank. To better understand the terms of service, it is worthwhile to calculate in advance the main loan parameters using a special calculator.

      To facilitate the task of comparing credit organizations, the main conditions for the loans they offer are summarized in a table.

      Table “TOP-5 credit institutions with the best conditions for lending to pensioners”:

      Credit organization Basic Loan Terms 1) Sovcombank Maximum age is 85 years

      Rate discount 5% those who receive a pension on a bank card or have issued an automatic debit from another card

      The ability to issue a Halva installment card 2) Tinkoff Bank Loan amount up to 3 million rubles

      Rate from 14.9% per annum

      Grace period up to 55

      strong> days 3) Alfa Bank Card 100 days without %

      The interest-free period also applies to cash withdrawals 4) Moneyman Up to 70,000rubles

      Up to 18 weeks

      Cash or card collection at the office 5) Kredito24 Up to 15,000 rubles

      Up to 30 days

      Online processing within 15 minutes

      * Check the relevance of interest rates on loans and borrowings on the official websites of credit organizations.

      5. Which banks give loans to non-working pensioners – a list of popular banks

      Loans to non-working (unemployed) pensioners are not provided everywhere. Nevertheless, there are banks that they lend to older people who decide to take a well-deserved rest.

      Most often, those whose income consists only of pensions apply to the following credit organizations:

      • Renaissance loan;


      • Citibank;
      • Raiffeisen;
      • VTB Bank of Moscow;
      • Post Bank;
      • Tinkoff;
      • MKB.

      The rates for pensioners are different and depend on the bank where it is decided to lend. It is best to contact the bank to which the pension is paid. In this case, the rate can be lower⇓.

      Take note! In general, the minimum rate on the market is at the level of 14%-15% per annum.

      So, in which bank can you get a loan for a pensioner at a low percentage?

      For those who are looking for a loan for pensioners with the lowest rate, we can recommend the programs presented in the table below.

      Table “Banks offering credit minimum rate retirement programs”:

      Credit institution Program name Rate VTB Bank of Moscow Non-target without collateral From 14 percent per annum Moscow Credit Bank Cash loan From 14.9 percent per annum Interprombank Pension From 15 percent per annum

      The banks discussed above operate not only in the capital, but also in other Russian cities. Non-working pensioners here will be able to get a loan of no more than 1,500,000 rubles.

      It is important to understand that the opportunity obtaining a loan depends not only on whether a pensioner has employment, but also on age.

      Thus, the list of banks issuing loans to citizens up to 70 years old, much wider. You can apply for a loan in the amount of up to 3 million rubles at a rate of 15% per annum in the following organizations:

      • Sberbank;
      • VTB 24;
      • Sovcombank;
      • Summer;
      • Rosbank;
      • Ak Bars etc.

      If a pensioner is more than 70 years old, the list of banks willing to lend to him narrows significantly. Experts advise contacting Sberbank, Rosselkhozbank or Sovcombank.

      It is important to clarify what the maximum age threshold is. The application in each case is considered individually, so everyone has a chance for approval.

      Thus, it is quite realistic to get a loan for a non-working pensioner. However, you will have to make some efforts to find a suitable bank.

      It is worth considering, that in most cases the rate for this category of borrowers starts with from 15% per annum. To receive a large amount, you will need additional security in the form of a pledge or guarantee of a working citizen.

      responsibility for the timely repayment of the loan is imposed on the co-borrower immediately upon receipt of the loan;

    • the amount of his income is taken into account when calculating the loan amount. In most cases, they are attracted precisely to obtain the maximum amount;
    • the rights of the co-borrower are the same as those of the main debtor. Therefore, their choice should be taken as responsibly as possible.

    In most cases, the applicant's family members and other close relatives become co-borrowers. However, there are no restrictions on who can become a co-borrower. It can be any citizen who agreed to be included in the loan agreement.

    But keep in mind, that banks are suspicious of those applications for which strangers act as co-borrowers. Therefore, it is better to involve close people for this purpose.

    Advice 2. First of all, contact the bank to which the pension is transferred

    Many consider this advice to be the best. The need to apply specifically to the bank on whose card the pensioner receives payments is explained by 2-by circumstances:

  • The Bank sees receipts on its cards for the entire period of validity. Therefore, you can assess solvency without asking for supporting documents. For the borrower, this means a high↑ speed of processing and no need to prepare a large list of documents.
  • For pensioners who receive payments on their cards, banks often offer interest rate discounts for loans.
  • Tip 3. Get life insurance

    Most often, the reason for a wary attitude towards retired borrowers is their age. Older people are more likely to get sick, they are much more likely to die.

    If a bank issues a loan without collateral, without requiring collateral or guarantors, it risks that the return will not be in full in the event of the borrower's death. For this reason, older people are often rejected.

    helps increase the likelihood of loan approvaldrawing up an insurance policy. By taking out insurance in case of illness or death, the borrower reduces the risks of the bank. This is explained by the fact that in the event of an insured event, the debt under the loan agreement will be covered by insurance payments.

    However, this advice should be taken with caution and carefully. It is important to remember that an insurance policy is not cheap. In most cases, its cost is included in the loan amount. As a result, ⇑ monthly payment increases, as well as overpayment.

    Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully study the conditions and evaluate additional costs before resorting to insurance.

    Following the advice of specialists, you can significantly increase the likelihood of approval of loan applications. However, pensioners should try each piece of advice on themselves in order to understand how it fits in a particular case.

    8. FAQ – answers to frequently asked questions

    When studying the subject of lending to pensioners, a large number of questions often arise. It will take a lot of time to find answers to them. Therefore, at the end of the publication, we answer the most popular questions.

    Question 1. Until how many years do pensioners get a loan?

    An unequivocal answer to the question, until how many years can pensioners receive a loan, does not exist. In one bank the age limit can be set at the level of 70-75 years, in another – at the level of 85 years , in the third– there is no maximum age at all.

    Restrictions should be sought in the lending conditions of a particular bank. For this, it is not necessary to visit a branch of a credit organization. Just visit her website.

    Question 2. Where can I get a loan (loan) for pensioners under 70-75-80 years old?

    Despite the fact that recently the number of loans issued to pensioners increased, banks are wary of this category of borrowers.

    Obtaining a loan by pensioners aged 75-80

    Reluctance of credit organizations to issue loans to pensioners is explained by their shortcomings as borrowers:

    • low monthly income;
    • great age.

    Despite this, there are a number of advantages of such citizens for creditors:

    • In most cases, pensioners are quite responsible and disciplined.
    • the presence of a constant, albeit small, income allows you to guarantee the return of borrowed funds to the bank.

    A pensioner can get a larger loan if he issues it for a longer period. Otherwise, his income will not be enough to make monthly payments.

    It is important to keep in mind that for banks, the determining factor is not only the level income, but also the age of the potential borrower.

    When lending to pensioners, financial institutions pay close attention to the proximity of their age to average life expectancy in Russia. For men today it is 65 years, for women it is 73.

    It turns out that the closer the borrower is to the upper limit of the average age, the more likely to die. In this case, the risk increases for the bank that the funds issued will not be returned.

    That is why banks that issue loans to citizens older than 65not so many years, but they are. The age limit for lending in the most popular banks is presented in the table below.

    Table “The age limit for lending in various banks”:

    Credit organization Age limit Eurokomerzbank 80 years

    Post Bank For men – 75 years old

    For women – 80 years old Orient Express Bank 76 years Russian Agricultural Bank 75 years Sberbank 75 years

    Get a loan for pensioners over 80 years, almost impossible. It is important to keep in mind that the concept of limit implies the age at the end of the loan agreement. Therefore, funds are unlikely to be issued to an eighty-year-old citizen.

    However, even those who are older than this age may need additional funds. At the same time, not everyone wants to use the services of MFIs.

    It is useful for pensioners to know that there is a bank in Russia that agrees to issue a loan to citizens up to 85 years. The only such credit institution is Sovcombank. The conditions for pensioners are quite attractive here.

    Sovcombank makes the following requirements for borrowers:

  • citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • the presence of a permanent registration for more than 4 months;
  • living within a radius of 70 km from the office of a credit institution;
  • availability of a fixed home or work phone.
  • To apply for a loan, you only need an passport and pension certificate or the corresponding certificate.

    Employed pensioners will also have to provide an additional certificate of wages. At the same time, non-working pensioners can receive up to 200,000 rubles, and employed – up to 300,000 rubles.

    Question 3. Where can I quickly get an urgent loan to a pensioner on a card online without guarantors with a bad credit history?

    Most MFIs offer an urgent loan for pensioners on a card without certificates and guarantors, even with a bad credit history. At the same time, you only need a passport for registration.

    You don’t need to leave your home – the procedure for obtaining funds in many microfinance organizations is fully carried out by online(via the Internet).

    We wrote about how to get an instant loan online on a card without checks urgently in the last issue. Also on our website there is an article about loans with a bad credit history – we recommend reading it.

    MFIs are happy to lend to pensioners. As a rule, this category of citizens applies for a microloan only as a last resortwhen an unexpected financial need arises. Pensioners are much more serious about fulfilling their obligations.

    9. Conclusion + video on the topic

    Retired people often need money. The need for loans is manifested at least as often as other citizens. And today, many banks and MFIs provide an opportunity to get loans for older people.

    However, pensioners should take into account the peculiarities of lending to this category of citizens. Getting a loan for non-working people, whose entire income consists only of budget payments, can be difficult. Nevertheless, to achieve a positive decision quite realistic.

    In conclusion, we recommend watching a video on how and where to get a pensioner low interest loan:

    On this we have everything.

    We wish the readers of the financial magazine “RichPro.ru” financial stability and easy resolution of temporary difficulties!

    If you have any questions about the topic of the publication, then ask them in the comments below. Rate and share the article on social networks. See you soon!

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