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In the Crimea, the details of the verification of the UK were announced due to the decision on the Scythian gold

The working group named articles on which the Investigative Committee began checking because of the Scythian gold .jpg” alt=”Details of the investigation of the Investigative Committee over the decision on the Scythian gold were reported in Crimea” />

The audit initiated by the Investigative Committee after the decision of the court in Amsterdam in the case of the Scythian gold will clarify the need to initiate a criminal case on articles on the theft and non-return of cultural property. This was reported to RBC by the deputy head of the working group on international legal issues under the Permanent Mission of Crimea to the President of Russia, the head of the International Association “Tavrida” Alexander Molokhov.

The verification is carried out under Art. 164 of the Criminal Code (theft of objects of special historical, scientific, artistic or cultural value, committed by an organized group) and Art. 190 of the Criminal Code (failure to return cultural property taken out of Russia within the prescribed period), Molokhov said. The maximum punishment under these articles— imprisonment for up to 15 years.

The pre-investigation check has been ongoing since November 2021, a criminal case has not yet been opened, Molokhov said.

Earlier, Molokhov explained that there were specific officials who gave instructions and were supposed to organize the transfer of the collection to the museum fund of Russia, but did not do this in a timely manner. The head of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed to look into the circumstances of the non-return of the collection to the Museum of Crimea at the end of October.

A collection of more than 2 thousand items was sent to the exhibition “Crimea: Gold and Secrets of the Black seas» to the Amsterdam Museum in February 2014, before Crimea joined Russia. After that, Ukraine claimed its rights to Scythian gold.

In 2016, the Amsterdam court recognized Ukraine's claims as legitimate and decided to transfer the collection to Kiev until the situation in Crimea stabilized. Russia filed an appeal, but the court did not change the decision.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky called the court's decision fair, and the head of Crimea, Sergei Aksenov— “unfair and unlawful.” The Ministry of Culture of Russia is going to continue to fight for gold.

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