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DPA says Merkel has been offered a job at the UN

dpa: UN Secretary General António Guterres offered the ex-Chancellor of Germany a job at the UN. This is a consulting position in one of the structures of an international organization. Merkel, who did not plan to engage in politics after her resignation, most likely will not accept the offer 756425638730065.jpg” alt=”DPA reported that Merkel was offered a job at the UN” />

Angela Merkel (left) and António Guterres

UN Secretary General António Guterres offered former German Chancellor Angela Merkel an advisory position at the UN, writes Spiegel citing the dpa, which in turn cites sources in the international organization.

We are talking about a body in the UN structure that deals with global public goods, the agency reports. According to the dpa, Guterres sent an official letter to Merkel. However, agency sources said that she most likely would not accept the offer.

In November 2021, Merkel said that she had not yet decided what she would do after her resignation, but she did not plan to engage in politics. “I will not resolve political conflicts” I have been doing this for many years. <…> First I'll rest a little, and then we'll see what comes to my mind,” — she said.

Merkel served as Chancellor of Germany for four terms since 2005, when she became the first woman in this position. She led the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). Prior to this, the future chancellor was a deputy, then she held the positions of minister of women and youth affairs and minister of the environment in the government.

In the elections in 2017, the Merkel-led bloc consisting of the CDU and the Christian Social Union ( CSU), received 8.6% less than in the past. After that, the Chancellor's bloc suffered several setbacks in the regions.

In 2018, Merkel announced that she would not run for the post of head of government for the fifth time. She said to “turn the page” in the history of the party and the country. Her successor as head of the CDU was Armin Laschet.

On October 26, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier handed Merkel a notice of the end of her term. On December 8, the new chancellor took office & mdash; social democrat Olaf Scholz.

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