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CNN reported on the strengthening of disagreements between Zelensky and Biden over Russia

CNN: Tensions escalate between Zelensky and Biden over disagreement over Russian threat The administration of the US President, in turn, is annoyed that Kiev downplays the threat of a Russian attack .jpg” alt=”CNN reports Zelensky and Biden's differences over Russia are growing” />

Tensions are rising between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and US leader Joe Biden's administration over differences of opinion on the threat of attack to Ukraine from Russia, CNN reports, citing sources.

According to them, Zelensky was tired of “excessive attention”; the United States to the Russian threat, which, according to Kiev, only causes panic inside the country. At the same time, Washington refuses to apply preventive sanctions against Russia, which does not suit the Ukrainian side. In addition, sources indicate that Kiev is outraged by the decision of the United States to evacuate diplomats from the country. The day before, Zelensky called the departure of employees of the embassies of several countries from Ukraine a mistake. According to him, against the backdrop of escalating tensions, Kiev needs the presence of allies in the country, which is “more meaningful and eloquent than a thousand words.” about support. The Ukrainian authorities are also unhappy with the fact that Washington declares the impending Russian invasion as inevitable, the channel points out.

Biden and his administration, in turn, are annoyed that Zelensky downplays the Russian threat. “Why are you starting a quarrel with the USA? Why leaks and distortion of information, if the US— perhaps your only true friend? And why ask for more weapons when you say the threat hasn't changed?»— asked CNN's interlocutor.

Politico, citing sources, writes that the attitude of the Ukrainian president has changed due to growing irritation with the actions of the Biden administration and fears that the United States is exaggerating the threat from Russian President Vladimir Putin, as this will later allow an agreement with the Kremlin, including on Donbass. Washington itself, as the newspaper notes, denies this.


At a meeting with journalists from foreign media, Zelensky asked to stop saying that “the war will be tomorrow.” In an address to the Ukrainians, the head of state urged not to panic and protect their brains “from nonsense”.

In the White House, responding to Ukraine's doubts about possible Russian aggression, they stated that no one could know what Putin had in my head. “We are seeing an increase in aggressive actions and preparations at the border,” — said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, adding that Moscow is looking for a pretext for escalation.

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