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The White House assessed Russia’s intentions to invade Ukraine

Biden's aide Sullivan: Russia has yet to make a decision to “invade” Ukraine The United States believes Russia has yet to make a decision on how to proceed with Ukraine, but intelligence shows Moscow is “seriously considering” an attack, Biden's aide said

Jake Sullivan

Russia has not yet decided on a possible 'invasion' to Ukraine, said US National Security Assistant Jake Sullivan, Reuters reports. At the same time, the agency points out that “ tens of thousands of soldiers '' are concentrated near the Ukrainian border.

“The current assessment by the US government is that he [Russian President Vladimir Putin] has yet to make a decision, so there hasn't been any change since last week on this matter,” & mdash; said Sullivan, speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations. However, according to an aide to the American president, intelligence indicates that the Russian authorities are “ seriously considering '' such an opportunity.

Sullivan also said that the United States is ready to discuss with Russia the list of requirements for security guarantees, but Washington has its own proposals.

The contents of this list of eight items, submitted to the American authorities, were disclosed by the Russian Foreign Ministry on December 17. In particular, Russia believes that the United States should not establish military bases on the territory of states that were formerly part of the USSR, and calls on Washington to commit to exclude further NATO expansion eastward. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the security talks with Russia should take place with the participation of US partners in Europe. The European Union stressed that Russia must accept and respect the right of other countries to choose their foreign policy and the alliances they would like to join.

Reports that Russia was planning military aggression against Ukraine began to appear in the media in October. For example, The Washington Post wrote about 'unusual vehicle movements' Russian army near the Ukrainian border. The Associated Press, citing data from the American intelligence services, reported that Russia plans to start hostilities in Ukraine in early 2022, sending 175 thousand troops there.

The US and EU authorities have announced their readiness to impose sanctions against Russia in the event of an “ attack '' to Ukraine. According to CNN, Washington is considering measures that will affect the sovereign debt of Russia, people in Putin's inner circle, Russian energy companies and banks. Bloomberg reported on possible sanctions against the largest Russian banks and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). Among the most likely restrictions, according to him, & mdash; a ban on converting rubles into dollars and other foreign currencies, including euros and pounds sterling, as well as a ban on the purchase of Russian bonds on the secondary market.

Information about the intention to “ attack ''; the Russian side has repeatedly denied to Ukraine. Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov called publications on this topic “ low-quality stuffing '' and 'empty pumping' that create tension. The Russian Foreign Ministry stated that the actions of the Russian armed forces on the territory of the country & mdash; “ the legal right of a sovereign state. ''

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