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Action Bronson – Sven Lyrics

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Who the hell, how the hell, why the hell?

[Verse 1]
You see my story got a strange plot
Eight shots, now behind the camera, ah
I meant behind the hammer
Leavin’ peace like a dyin’ grandma, dyin’ my hair blonde
The double shotty like a bears arm
Mention money and my eyebrows lift up
The five pound fist leave you cut up, quicker than butter
I view the mountains once the suns up
Do anything to get the funds up
Motherfuckers is on the front stuntin’, ah
Weedblazer, I’m a master
[?] help me think faster
Throw some acid on your cheek now you’re art
Scars over my heart, the [?], European shark
Big engine like a dozen bagels
With a stable, maikin’ my rounds at all the number tables
Health is wealth, but wealth buy the fancy belts
Good, it’s even easier to hang yourself

You ain’t shit, you need to hang yourself
You ain’t shit man, you ain’t shit
You ain’t shit motherfucker, need to hang yourself, uh
You ain’t shit, uh, you ain’t shit

[Verse 2]
The whips at India style like [?] student
I’m only part human, tryna get paid but like Mark Cuban
Spark the Cuban, double park the Buick
What’d you do to beef Stewart, half Jewish, uh
I’m a star like good homework
Skull and crossbone on a low shirt, chrome hurst
The skull burst ’cause the work was a ten
The limo driver named Sven peace to Killa Ben
Shit’s strange, I could feel the wind
All this pain I could feel within
Goes away when I’m in a Benz
But comes back when I’m starin’ inthe rims
Take ten, uh
Standin’ at the wall on the pool hall
Dominican hoe with a culo
[?] tu yo
And I’m known to be hoppin’ up out the two door
When your man get called, you better be ready for sure
‘Cause these motherfuckers ain’t playin’
These motherfuckers be sprayin’
Now you sleepin’ with the Earth
Light the Earth up, hop up in the red Caddy, Big Bertha
Wig Turner, money washin’ detergent
Round glass, quarter cup of the bourbon swervin’
Traverse, lookin’, think I’m German, it’s me

Bam Bam

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