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Lemreus – Lungset Thimthu lyrics

Lungset thimthu ka lelnia pat lungmit in nalang jing phat tin nitin inn

Girl for da sake of love
I was praying for the both of us
Now the chapter close and think you the most and got you girl this pain to
Tose wish i could turn back the hance of time
Im gona make you mine
Now the history left behind
And ma world going blind the more i think the picture of you driving me
Crazy girl
I don’t understan if i feel like holding you hand
Knowing that you gone Im wating patiently alone
Since you gone im waiting your call by the phone Awww

Phattin selung in nalang lungin miljoulou lungdei
Nang ngai nan hinkho ka mang jing e neihin sang kit tan×2

Lungset thim kalelnia pat lungmit in nalang jing phattin nitin in
Hinlah chullgam ta thimthu cheng tun lung hin hei jin lang genthei lunglai
Einem o…

Babe I see everyday another lesson every sunrise alive that we are blessed
All the love that i give you back to the day
You hold me down when Im on the ground
You told me that you love me back this gona b the sweetest sound I promiss
I won’t give up
I’ll raise ma head up
I’ll let ma chest pick up
I won’t back down I never back down
Babe trust me this is me stemons

Nanggel nan hinkho ka mang nang ngai nan hinkho ka mang lungmit in na lang
Jing e gol na mel hoina ×2

Lungset thimthu kaa lel niapat lungmit in naa langjing phattin nitin hin
Lah chullgam taa thimthu cheng tun lunghin heijin lang genthei lunglai
Einem o…

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