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TyD – Déjà Vu lyrics

She runs, and she hides
From the darkness, that resides

The eating feeling,
That creeping feeling

It consumes, It fills the room
It consumes, It fills the room

It blooms and it plumes, smoke signals, fill the room,
It blooms, It consumes, smoke signals fill the room

We’ve been here before, you keep knocking at my door,
Things feel alright for a while, then I’m stuck back, on the floor

Get it together, climb out of the pit,
But I can’t muster energy for this sh*t

Get out of the pit
I’m stuck, and I don’t know why

It’s another duvet day,
Can’t move today

Low mood they say,
But I can’t move today

Pills they say, Just one-a-day
Do I lose this way?
I think I lose this way

Déjà vu

Déjà vu, It comes to you

When you’re feeling rather blue,
Déjà vu

It comes to you
It comes to you,

Déjà vu,
Déjà vu

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