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Robb Bank$ – Griffith Did Nothing Wrong lyrics

Again, hahahaha
Woah, woah, woah, woah
Who that is?
Oh yeah
Cris Dinero
Drop 3, [?]
[?], can you pass me my phone?
Birdman, JR, JR, me, me

Uh, uh, uh
Jump out the egg with your boo in it
Triple my cup, pour the deuce in it
Ride around the block, got two with me

[Verse 1]
Tuh, tuh, tuh, uh, uh
Nigga been thuggin’, you new to it
I don’t pop molly, I don’t do jiggas
Yeah, you got it right, what you doin’ with it?
Seen you niggas try to ride my wave
End up on the shore, blown away
Seven days out the week, I’m on fleek
I think her Loubiton feets look chic
Chinese, Eastern Air Lines airline what I fly
Servin’ fish, nigga, who am I?
You’re Midori, I’m a one time
Shoot like Derrick Loop, I’m a biker boy
Kawasaki steppin’ to the boy

[Bridge 1]
For the love of money, these fuck nigga turn to fraud
Bitch, I got ’bout two on me, I’m comin’ for your job
Thought I told you niggas Griffith ain’t do nothin’ wrong
Nothin’ wrong

[Verse 2]
2phone [?] they call me up, if it ain’t one thing, it’s another
Dime body, dyin’ ’bout the blood of my brother
Falconia, Savage Life movie
Fuck nigga talkin’, then I put it to your stomach
B-day, b-day, [?] birthday, sage, relay, relay
Thirteen, had the pants that stick three ways, three ways
Lettin’ off five on that bitch DJ, DJ
Bring the hoe back for me, Cris

Jump out that egg with your boo in it for real
Triple my cup, I put the deuce in it for real
Cris Dinero
Ride down your block, with ’bout two with me for real
Say you ’bout it, what you doin’ it for real

[Bridge 2]
Who your money on? Thought I said I ain’t do nothing wrong
SSET eatin’, bitch, ain’t nothin’ wrong
Take your panties off, ain’t nothin’ wrong
I’ma fuck your bitch, ain’t nothin’ wrong
Had your chance to switch, you went wrong
Tried to kill me and you missed, you went wrong
Admit I was right, you were wrong

Nigga try to [?]
Talk behind my back, we ain’t eat
Wait ’til Internet, boy, you see through
Told you I ain’t in to that [?]
[?] heart right now, player
Grab this shit

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