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Pusha T – Trouble lyrics

[Intro: L Street &DJ Hood ]
Ayo, you rocking with Chicago’s baddest female rapper, L Street, and you now rocking with DJ Hood. It’s official. Let’s get it. Aye shouts out to my lil homie, Young Oliver

[Sample: Henry Hill (Ray Liotta), Guy , and Guy 2]
What do you want fucko? You want something?
L swear on my fucking mother, if you touch her again, you’re dead
Don’t shoot

All I see is
Black roses, drug dealer poses
Shoveling that devil’s angel up they noses
Never let jail turn my shine into Moses
Couldn’t cleanse my soul with them civil rights’ hoses
Panoramic roof under glass like a coaster
Backseat driver, racial slurs at the chauffeur
Kilian loafers
Photo op is priceless, frame my wanted posters
War brings casualty
Bitch have my son before I face that tragedy
I ordered hits, She orders Mahi
R-I-P Vivian [?]
Shoutout to [?]

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