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PhilliMAK – Unbelievable lyrics

[Verse 1]
When I walk in the club,
And I see you staring at me,
I can’t help to think
That you look unbelievable.
Call me a man, call me dirty, call me whatever you like.
Just make sure by the end of the night,
I get your cell number.
It’s a crazy thing cause I just met you.
But I feel like we’ve known each other
For a very long time.
I look at you and I can’t help to be blown away.
You look my breath away… And baby.

When I saw you in the club, baby.
It was like a whole other dimension.
You took me by storm.
And I liked it.
You charmed me, my heart, and my body.

{Verse 2]
I haven’t got this feeling in a long time baby.
And I can’t remember how to keep my composure.
But I would like to live an eternity with you.
There is much we gotta say in a little time.
I just can’t believe that we met this way.
And I love this feeling I have for you.
It’s a special thing that nobody will understand.
Baby, baby.
You stopped me dead in my tracks.
Baby, you’re so mesmerizing.


Unbelievable (x8)

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