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Lil B – Let’s Meet Outro lyrics

(It’s Frankie! Frankie! Frankie!)

Henry look, it’s Frankie. It’s Fr-Frankie! Frankie come here. Make room. Make room. Joey move over, move over. Let him sit there

(Just was coming from a smoke)
Frankie my boy!
(Yes, Godfather, how are you doing?)
It’s been a while
(I know, it’s been lucrative)
I’ve heard so many great things about you
(Lil B the BasedGod, he’s working so hard)
You guys are doing great things and as a family we are so thankful
(Thank you Godfather, all I do is work. I just work my hardest. Lil B is amazing.)
Right here, this is a contract
(Oh what is this?)
Stating that you guys will get all the publishing
(Godfather, for Lil B and the BasedGod. Godfather, are you serious?)
I want you to take this
(Godfather, slow down Godfather)
I know that in you guys’ hands, it’s only meant to be greater than what it is now
(Okay thank you. So right now, let’s feast. Cause today is another great day in history)
(Thank you Godfather)
This is truly Platinum Flame

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