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Lil B – Can’t Go Back lyrics

[Intro: Lil B]
Free all the real niggas
We wakin’ up
We see the plan
You know they tryna get us all locked up
For the slavery

[Verse 1: Lil B]
I ain’t never going back
All the pain that I done seen
My niggas has shed so many tears
In this life, what does it mean?
We done got our minds
So manipulated
We out here instigatin’ and playa hatin’
All these jealous tendencies
Got these wolves covered in sheep’s paper
I done said “Free Tune Baby”
Now these niggas out here still hatin’ (free Rocky, bitch)
But fuck ’em
I’m prayin’ erry day
Niggas gotta understand
That some things is free
Other stuff not
Some people cheat
And some people creep
I’m out here every day nigga
I don’t really hide
I’m just tryna stay alive
Niggas don’t respect they lives
So then they how they gon’ respect mine?
I’m still pushin’ lines erry day
With a pen and a pad
The streets or the pavements
My house or the lab
And I ain’t never goin’ back
They gon’ have to turn me black
The orange is the new black
I’d rather die than go back

[Hook: Lil B]
Can’t go back
No I can’t go back
No we can’t go back
No we can’t go back
Fuck that, I won’t go
(Free all the real niggas)

[Verse 2: ?]
Got me askin’ “What is life?” sometimes
“What is life?” sometimes
Trust her half when she lie sometimes
You only got one time
The game cold for you
Free all of the guys
It’s been a minute since I got sunlight
Even though I watch the sun shine
Shit, it ain’t been the same outside
Days turn into night
Time pass, tap shelf to get by
Gettin’ high, fuck the law three times
And fuck the system designed
To keep people in the benefit line
Shit, really it’s a war outside
Niggas sleep beyond the crack in they eyes
Niggas strivin’ to live, really dying inside
Like getting high is enough to get by
Youngin trippin’ in a rush to get fly
Like havin’ pockets with no money inside
It’s really lame
All that time, in a rush to recline
Niggas droppin’ out of rap to leave time
So if they get behind me blurpin’, I’m swerving
Ain’t no station, I’m fine
Setbacks be a bitch
And a mountain to climb
I’m really doin’ alright
Fuck it, really I’m fine
Stay out ya feelings and get out ya mind
Cause gettin’ money is the only [?]
That jealousy I done seen you hate
Lose a face in a quiet race
Niggas food, fuckin’ lion prey
Trials and tribulations make you hate shit
Success don’t come often, vacation

[Interlude: Lil B]
I wanna say
Free errybody
Fuck the suckas but free all the real ones that’s locked down
If you listenin’ to this right now, and you locked up
Raise hell in that bitch man, free all the real ones man
We on it

[Hook: Lil B]
Can’t go back
No I can’t go back
No we can’t go back
No we can’t go back
Fuck that, I won’t go

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