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KYLE – Ups & Downs lyrics

How brave do I become when truly loved
My overwhelmin’ feels are overcome
I might even hit the blunt
And I don’t do that for anyone
I think I’ma dance for the first time in a long time
I might even laugh like I mean it
Come on, baby, say it like you mean it
You gonna be alright, baby
You know you’re gonna be fine
You’re gonna be alright, baby

[Verse 1]
Hey Kyle, how you doin’?
What is this dream you’re persuin’
What are these feelings you mention
Are you from a different dimension?
My nigga, do you have dementia?
Why is you rappin’ ’bout happy
Think about all the bad shit that happens (ya)
You know the inside, you feel crappy
Okay, yeah, how did you guess
(Skrrt) I am a wreck
I set a record for bein’ upset
Truthfully, honestly, I am a mess
I am depressed
I am obsessed
With self-depricating
And blamin’ myself
Socially lyin’
Denyin’ the help
I’m holdin’ up
Like pants sits in a belt
But it ain’t so bad (no, no)
Look what I be on
I’m on TV, mom
My nigga, I am a phenom
My chick is out o’ this world
Yeah, badder than Zenon
When I need somebody to lean on
I put that Cudi CD on
In my spare time
Punchin’ walls
Fuckin’ up my hand
I know that shit sounds super cray
But if you had this life you’d understand

Everything’s a lot o’ up and down
But I ain’t gonna let it get me down
No, no no
(Ups, and downs
Ups, and downs)

[Verse 2]
2016 hit me like a bag o’ bricks (yup)
2017 switched up, like ooh it’s lit (it’s lit)
I nearly had a mental breakdown
And eight months later had a hit
I guess life is like box a chocolates, huh
You never know what you finna get
Ha ha, yeah
Think about this for your flip
There’s always two sides o’ the coin
Tell my man you gotta keep goin’
You blessed nigga, you ain’t even know it
Sittin’ there, lookin’ all stoic
Mm, be stiff, you should be stoked
Mm, you can smile, even if you broke
Oh, you could be a button or a boat, true
Trust me, believe me, I been there to
Down on my luck, I was just like you
Singin’ the same damn sad old song
But you’ll be fine
It’ll all be fine
It’s just in your mind

[Chorus 2]
(Ups, and downs
Ups, and downs)

[Outro: KYLE & Lil Yachty]
Lil lil lil lil boat lil boat lil boat
Yo, yo, wassup buddy?
It’s your conscience!
My, my conscience?
Yeah, you know, the voice in your head that tells you when you fuckin’ up?
Like uh, Jiminy Cricket?
Chuhh. Yes, like Jiminy Cricket, you Disney ass motherfucker. Now listen up, man. You gotta leave that negativity shit in the past. That shit is old, bro. How you supposed to grow up if you ain’t even glowed up?
Uh, what, what the fuck are you talkin’ about?
Don’t trip dawg, follow me. I’ll show you
You coming?

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