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Keyshawn Spinks – Ham & Cheese lyrics

Born sinner, could call this a tribute
Expessin my vision my art my mind, so don’t refute
Tryna spread my word, so please listen to these words
I’m curvin anybody tryna step to me, served
So Everybody get shot but when is it my turn
When do I get to sit back and watch eivery body learn
Life gave you lemons but it gave me a fern
No water to plant it either lord why I get burned
Cause god aint answerin even tho I’m tryin my best
Got me lookin in the mirror wondering who next
Who next
Why we gotta wear vests?
Why can’t we settle our problems with a little respect
You got ya fam at ya side tryna level ya head
Thinking to yourself “man why can’t we pull ahead”
On the string of life man when we pull a thread
Sitting there keep repeating the words I just said
We hoping that its gonna get better
But we can’t make it through life when got not cheddar
Spelling dollar wit no L, holding the other letter
Fat cats pulling ya scraps, they will always be wetter
But think…
Is it just that’s that?
If you really think about it is it really that wack?
All that stuff you got, and you calling it scraps?
Just appreciate ya life, keep running your laps
Live full like you in the south side of the chi
Put Greens chicken in ya mouth, granny got pie?
Check it out
Don’t just sit there and pout
You got family on your back, put them on your route
Take on me
Like ham and cheese x4

One more verse and they gone be shook
Ya crook, and you might curse cause I sound like a book
But look, you gone be shaking
When I sizzle like bacon
Don’t think these other people faking
Cause they know that I’m raking
Don’t mistake me man I’m not playin
I don’t wanna be famous
Just spitting fire like Cayman
Aiming for the nearest layman
Sayin boiiiiii I’m just flamin
Cashhhh it be rainin
Elder god like raidin
The top spot I’m cravin
Don’t be stupid like you aint seen it comin man
I hope to see the day the whole world starts running man
I aint even a rapper, just a drummer in the marching band
But this the hottest track you heard in while, that’s something man
Just throw this on when ya feel like pushing the breeze
This aint supposed to be caviar, just ham and cheese
Just ham and cheese

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