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Johnson – My Love Note lyrics

Intro: I Love You (8x)

Verse: In Everything I Do,
With Every Word I Speak,
Let My Praise Begin To Rise,
Let It All Now Come To christ.

Every Part Of Me Bleeds,
Every Bit Of Me Needs You,
Now I’ve Come Before You,
With Nothing More But These Words.

Chorus: Oh lord I Love You (3x)
Lord I Love You.

Bridge: My All, My Laws, My Words, My Needs,
Beneath This Wind Of Life I See,
Your Love For Me,
Is More Than I Can Tell.

Hook: I Love You,
I Want You,
I Need You.
I Love You.

Outro: I Love You, Love You, Love You lord,
With All Of Me,
With All My Heart,
I’ve Come To Sing This Song To You Today.

Chorus: Oh lord I Love You (3x)
Yes I do.

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