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Joe Sharpe – Apathy lyrics

There’s some people outside
Strung out in the cold
Got nowhere left to go
But where they sleep at night

I don’t know if they ever had
What you’d call a home
Walking from place to place
Another man, new building face

For words or time to go by
There’s something there to see outside
One thing to dream, another to be

——Unstructured bridge

Another man
Caught out in the rain
Filled with so much pain
And not much left to fear

Could be your time man
It’s all that’s left to own
You’re strung out all alone
And not much left but tears

No more waiting
No more words or time to go by
There’s nothing left for you outside
Not much left to see, not much left to be

And you’re sucking them down.
You’re sucking, sucking, sucking them down
The world is spinning all around and
You just have to have your fun

Apathy, Apathy
—–Crescendo Outro

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