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Jeremy Waldoch – Faith lyrics

Verse 1:
When troubled times lie ahead
Will I look to the left or will I look to the right
Can I hold on to what You said
Am I already defeated or will I rise to press on through this time

Where do I lift my eyes to receive the grace I need
There is victory in my life, I don’t have to run and hide
All I need is a little faith

Then I can rise above the storm
And I can walk upon the water
And I can run upon an army
And I can scale the highest wall
With God on my side, cause He wants me to be
Someone who’ll cast the mountains into the sea
All I need is a little faith

Verse 2:
When the store around me rages
And I need a miracle just to get me through the night
Knowing the enemy is prowling
Will I stand upon Your Word knowing he’s defeated for all time

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