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Homerik – Unforgotten Kin lyrics


He stumbled upon,


As a part of me!

As a part of us!

Into his rooted grave.


Don’t abandon me,

In this great demise!

It was by chance,


You are not alone through

This demolished time!

Death was not up to him.


Come back now to reality,


Verse 1:

Sadness confides in you,

It pains, it burns, it troubles you.

Anger enrages you,

It will cut, incise, deprave you.

He under the earth

Took away the one that belongs to you.

The final resting place

Of what was our lost unforgotten kin!

Chorus 2:

He’s stuck in limbo,


It came as a surprise

We could never foresee!

In peril, could not thwart the dark.


He’s our brother, our brother,

Like you are to me!

Judged by king minos,


Mending, healing, reclaiming

The scars inside me!

Aware or ignorant.


Even though he’s not here,

He lives immortally!

Verse 2:

Rows of fables

You deny

The presence of your peers,

Hiding behind

The reason

You wish not to reveal.

Caving the gorge

Of the ones

Who wish to just console,

Now it is filled

With the grief

Of once was to behold.

Wasting away

Precious time

Before impending doom,

Here they all stand

Waking up

Only to lament you.

Steps that record

The vestige

Of fellow brotherhood,

Absent is he

Could not grasp

What he could really be!



Give him to me!

Give him to me!

Give him to me!

Give him to me!

Give him to me!

“Belial comes for you

Comes for you, comes for you!

One of several kings in hell! “

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