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Gerry Hyde – Anyway lyrics

Anyway we loved, Anyway I learned,
Anyway you left, and were not too concerned
You hit me right between the eyes
Because it was the year my father died
But you left me, (didn’t you); Anyway

Anyway the kids are now what I hold so true
The youngest one she reminds me of you
I push myself, to carry on
Sometimes I feel my life, is much too long
I try to avoid the pain, by drinking it away
But comes back stronger the next day
And I miss you, more than I can say
But Anyway


Anyway you want, Anyway you do
Anyway you never ever loved me true
You broke your promise to love me until the end
You said that you’d be my partner, and my very best friend
Anyway you thought how I should be
Now you want even talk to me
And now it seems, just like a bad dream; you know
But Anyway

Anyway we talked but now we won’t
Anyway loved but now we don’t
I’ve watched time and youth both fade away
Any now there want be another day; to love you; yeah you
But Anyway

Anyway we loved, didn’t we?


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