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Drastic Solution – Extreme Problem…Extreme Solution! lyrics

I come to home after a hard day of work
And now I want enjoy the meal
I have a big appetite for grill meat
And for this I’m ready to kill
There are the veal chops waiting in the fridge
I bought it in shop near the bridge
Because my great hunger I’m out control
But chops need cooking before

I’m going to start the gas grill on the plane
But this time it is my blame…
I didn’t pay the gas bill for long time
And they have stopped provide
I do no have a fucking electric grill
And I can’t light a fire near
I have a spare bottle for many years
But empty is useless for grills

Farts are solution
Anal intrusion
With no pollution
Extreme solution

I can use my natural gas
But I’ll have to put the valve in my ass
Farting I will recharge the gas tank
But this time I’ll lose the rank
Before doing this I’ll drink a beer
And thanks to it I will not fear
I don’t like the valve in my ass
But it’s only solution to have gas

Farts are solution
Gas evacuation
Ass defloration
It’s a should mission

Extreme problem… Extreme solution!!!
For extreme men… It’s a persecution!
We reach the goal… To any cost!
Never give up… Or you will be lost!!!

Farts are solution
Firing ammunition
Anal abrasion
It’s only solution

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