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Ayiesha Woods – The Remedy lyrics

A little too much time on your hands
So many things pressing your heart
Now you’re caught up in a brain storm
And the winds are tearing you apart

And what matters the most now
Shouldn’t matter at all
You forgot who’s holding you up
And He won’t let you fall

Who’s in control of your life
And knows better than you ever will
Who tells you time and again
Hush and be still

It’s time you recognize
Your answer lies in His eyes
Where the river flows
And if you’ll just

Free your mind
And the peace of God will follow
Won’t you give yourself a little time?
Don’t worry ’bout tomorrow

Don’t you know that His joy is your strength
Can you fathom it?
Peace beyond your understanding
When you gonna grab a hold of it

‘Cause you’re life’s not your own

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