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Shai Watkins – I’m Sorry lyrics

I’m sorry that I let you down
I’m sorry that I wasn’t the one
I wasn’t really paying attention
To the ones who grabbed me by the arms
I thought this would be it

I’m sorry I was a mistake
I didn’t know I was going to be a pain
I thought this could be it
And I lost all the world could have won,
But if this is how we say goodbye,
Then minds better be forever

I didn’t want to give up yet
I wanted to make this count
But all I could see
Was an empty heart
I should have realized
It was over now

I’m sorry that I wasn’t the one
I’m sorry I couldn’t have gone
But all you wanted was to say goodbye
I know it wouldn’t have worked
But it was all I could do to just survive
I wish I could say ‘ I love you ‘
But at times I feel alone
And without you by my side
It couldn’t of just been said

I’m sorry that I let you down
I wish I could say it now
But at times I get so scared
I wish you were right here
Right here by my side
Not giving up
But being the one living

I didn’t think it was possible
To be the one to let go
But when i realized I did
It all began to make sense
I was trying to stay
But it all didn’t make things easy

I know this could be the end
But it all feels like the beginning
Just one more chapter to go
Just one more chapter to live

I’m sorry I didn’t make it
Till the very end
I thought it was over
This very little thing

Turns out it wasn’t just the end
It was the beginning of my life
I don’t know what else to do
But make this little thing count

Of all the things we said and did
Why wasn’t I for blame
I thought I was alone
For every step that was taken
Felt like a life of pain and misery
But life is short for people like me
Was it even possible
To say I’m sorry

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