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Sabita Mishra – Baby Moving On Is Another Name Of Life lyrics

You don’t get to go back and correct your mistakes
In this life somethings you just cannot replace
Don’t keep looking back
What’s done is done
Don’t look back
Because past cannot be undone
Life stops for nobody
Whether we are somebody or nobody
Moving on is another name of life
In this life that’s to stay
Moving on is the game of life
We all have to play
No matter how hard we try to run away
We are all out here in this journey called life
Arms wide open head held high
The world ahead of us
An endless field and open skies
Future unknown and nothing we can take for granted
Not even our closest ties
Our destinations in life are numerous
With many crossroads in between
Only God knows where this journey is going to take us
Oblivious as we are of our destiny
Life stops for nobody
It is like a river that runs deep
And keeps moving forward
Likewise we have to keep moving forward
In this journey of life that stops for nobody
Always moving forward is the sign of life
Always moving forward
Is another game of life
And stagnation is the sign of death

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