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Sabita Mishra – Baby Is This What They Call Destiny lyrics

Baby was this how it was supposed to be
Destiny playing a cruel joke on me
But baby in this world if you ever miss me
I will always be right here where you left me
To hold you tight
And set you free
Baby here we are at the crossroads of our life
Going our separate ways
I somehow thought that it was going
To be you and me always
Why does it hurt so much
Every time our hands touch
Baby you explain to me
Why is our life now broken promises and dreams
If this was how it was supposed to be
Why do you hold my heart’s keys
Explain this to me please
Why did life play this cruel joke on me
Is this what they call destiny
Was this after all how it was all supposed to be

Baby it breaks my heart to see you go
Hard as I may try I cannot let go
My heart aches at the thought
That you will be in my life no more
Just watching you walk out of my life
Feels like destiny is settling a score
My heart weeps
And my mind feels numb
I feel like I am losing my best friend
I always took it for granted
That is was going to be you and I
Together our love conquering whatever maybe

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