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Kai Exos – Hold Out The Light lyrics

[Verse 1]
I heard you’re looking for way out
You been stuck and trynna stop from
Falling way down

Ride the wave, let it clear out
You’ll be better, you’ll get better
Any day now

So, don’t give up the fight
Keep it burning bright, yeah
Cuz I know you gon shine like
Stars in the sky

This one’s for the little ones
Still young but you’re just as strong
You can save us all
Just keep on holdin on
Cuz one day, they will know
Love can conquer all

I’ll be by your side
Holding out the light
Lift ev’ry voice tonight

I’ll be there by your side
It’s gon be alright
You’ll be just fine

[Verse 2]
So are you ready for the day now
Since you been watchin, you been prayin
For a way out

Free your mind, from all of the doubt
Cuz you can be anything
You wanna be now

So, don’t give up the fight,
Keep it burning bright
Just let this song remind that
Change comes from the inside

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