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John O’Brien – Happy To Love lyrics

That day I saw you by the rainbow wall
It’s like your presence just reached out and called
I caught my breath, reached for my heart
Your beauty gripped me right from the start

I’m happy to love
To smile and let my love surround you
I’m happy to love you more each day

Walked up to you and started to ask
I heard some music and I wanted to dance
You reach for me and cradled my hand
My knees went weak I could hardly stand

I’ve come to see
You’ve made my world just so much brighter
Each day goes by
We hold each other that much tighter
You are everything to me

Sunlight shines on everything we do
Love always shines through and through
In the morning we reach out to touch
I can’t believe I can love you so much

Each Day
Love you more and more
Each day END

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