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Jeezy – Better Than Ever Lyrics

[Intro: Jeezy and DJ Drama]
Wassup, my nigga?
I’m still here, nigga, I ain’t go nowhere
I see you got ya wiggle on
Affiliates you fuck niggas
Pay attention

Chea, Chea
Fuck goin’ on out there nigga
Heard a lotta lil niggas talkin’ reckless
I drink Rosé like you niggas drink Heinekens nigga
By the bottles nigga
Roll blunts bigger than you lil niggas, man
Fuck wrong with these niggas?
Better chill out ‘fore I shut that side of town down, nigga
Won’t nunna y’all niggas be eatin’

[Verse 1: Jeezy]
I’m back…better than ever
Stayed on my grind, stacked up some mo’ cheddar (Aye)
Stay outta my way, lil niggas you know better
Before the fif’ go clap
Better stick to rap (BOW!)
A round of applause, the whole clip
I’ll come where ya at, nigga don’t eem trip
You see I ain’t arrogant, just confident
And when I tell you I’m the best it’s not a compliment (nope)
More like the truth
The shit was a wrap when I stepped in the booth (Chea!)
Them GFGs got the coupe lookin’ silly
One month on the road, came home with a milly (Ha HAAA)
Get my grown man on, cuz I’m not a kid (nope)
And I had a vision, like Alex did (Yeeeeeeeah)
I’m a muhfuckin’ clown
For my birthday, I shut the whole city down (Daaaaaamn)
Comparin’ me to who? I’m in a league of my own
Next year I’ll throw it at the Georgia Dome (Ha Haaaaa)
Real talk I’m a muhfuckin’ fool
Two-time loser, still ridin’ with the tool (YEAH!)
The hood rats, they say “He so crazy!”
Take my time with it, the flow so lazy (YEAH!)
Word on the street is that I’m goin’ commercial
Bitch, I’ll stop what I’m doin’ ‘fore I go commercial (Ha Haaaa)
Got 99 problems, and money ain’t one (nope)
Gimme a minute, see ya boy ain’t done (uh uh)
Them haters want me gone
Them folks want me locked up
Plus, I heard a few niggas want a nigga chalked up
Damn, niggas wanna stick me for my paper
It’s okay, see I’m strapped anyway (Ha Haaaa)
These niggas don’t understand me
These niggas can’t comprehend me, why I ride that candy
’92-’93, I was drillin’ them niggas
’94-’95, I was killin’ them niggas
26 for the bizz-ird
Anything lizz-ess
Is just absizz-urd (Ha HAAAAA)
Same ole routine, Monday to Friday
Bricks in the trunk, nigga, I’m on the highway (Let’s get it!)
Best believe I was 2 cars back
My nigga bring ’em back for a couple of stacks (YEAH!)
I’m just havin’ fun with these niggas
42 bars, look I’m done with these niggas

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