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Imelda Kehoe – Sara Rose lyrics

Heave, Heave, till the boats are all ashore.
All Souls lost, the crew of The Sarah Rose.

By dawn, all calm, Sea of Mercury.
By dusk, rain fell like stones.
Weary the space between the soul and the bone.

Storms draws the sea closer to the sky,
Promise of only sorrow
Wave over bow, overladen they knew
The Rose would not see tomorrow

Mayday from the bridge. Hear the giant roar
By dark a hurricane.
One by one, they line the shore
Prayers said again.

The fault of the stars, God’s great affair.
Something waits in the deep
Now is the time, say ‘You are mine’
A place for you to sleep

Sun always has a new story to tell, view from above
Seagull, he heard the Sea’s last word. A Fatherly Love.

Heave, Heave, till the boats are all ashore

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