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Exile375 – Motions lyrics

Oh baby please don’t lead me on, tell me if there is something wrong otherwise let’s get it on.
Just want to get little close by you. You got my mind so twisted, every time I try to approach, you just turn me away.

But out the corner of my eye, you smiling baby what’s going on I know you over and over again I try, but on the surface you drive a grown man crazy, Constantly boggling my mind.
The Motion of the Ocean, we keep it going on keep it strong baby,I just want to get closer ooh baby I just want to get a little closer.

The Motion of the Ocean that day over and over again try let’s get little closer
Bring your sexy body next to me all night.I make you say my name girl don’t be ashame ooh ooh girl I make you moan, one were gonna have some fun can you feel me, two be true , three I know you feeling me, four baby say yes I’m knocking on the door, I’m not playing , five you can’t deny, six this an opportunity you can’t miss, seven is the number of completion. We should be getting it on get it on, get it on

Constantly boggling my mine. Oh my sugar over and over again.
I try, so tell mw what to do to get little closer to your loving
Babe,get it on, fresh as you are, i just want to touch you right there.
Ooh get it on get it on get little closer then fade.

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