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Black Cigarette – Reject lyrics

Please don’t judgre me, I’m the otherside
The words you said are useless now
My friends have gone but I’m not afraid
’cause love is longer than a cigarette

My mind is blowing again and again
But I don’t care, It’s all I wanna do
Everything I wanna say
It’s everything I’m gonna do

Don’t say that I’m running
Away from pain and darkness
Things are gone for the first time
Don’t say that I’m wake up

I can’t stand, why I’m surprised?
’cause I don’t care about your life
Get away, forget my face
’cause I don’t wanna hear you again

Burning roses on a desert place
Waiting for a friend to talk again
Don’t you know that I can’t hear your name?
Caring about faces that I will forget
My stupid plan and my stupid life
Will be destroyed, I’ll fall apart
Everything You’ll make me say
It’s everyhting I’ll gonna do

I’m a reject
I’m a reject
I’m a reject

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