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Black Cigarette – Crazy lyrics

Hey babe, I heard you’re doing great
You know I wish you the best,
But now you’re trespassing good
You’re turning bad.
Don’t you look at me like that
We know what is happening last
Don’t you look at me like that…

We were playing our game
She told me while that
Just make me feel good
And I said alright

We’re losing our fait
We’re turning in one
Don’t leave me now

‘Cause I’m Crazy
‘Cause I’m Crazy for your love
And I’m Crazy for you

Hey babe, It’s too late to think,
Too late to try…
So now we have to live like
There’s nothing bad

We were kissing like
There was nothing bad inside.

Now the world is in flames,
We were burning like in hell

Tell me what do you think
About demons in my dreams,
’cause baby you’re one of them

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