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Anthony Anthem – Paradigm lyrics

How have we all come so far, to this generation.
Lost and confused we are, destroying a nation.
But how do we stand here,
And watch our own mother fall, from our behavior?
So deeply consumed we are… We are!

I won’t believe, in even simple lies
That condemn our future.
Don’t be naive, it a paradigm.

The difference that we could make, if we came together.
Giving more than we take, like the love for another.
It’s up to no-one but you to hold some faith,
And realize your so much more.
Instead to bury yourself with fear and hate,
You can rise.

I wont believe in even simple lies,
That condemn our future.
I’m not afraid, of being captive on this global venture.
Don’t be naive,
It a paradigm we cannot escape.

Ladies and gentle men, we are at war with time,
And the nature of greedy hearts.
And i’ll be damned, if we just stand here,
And watch it all go away.
Constantly running around in circles,
We loose ourselves in the cage
When the darkness of this world, blinds us in the light,
Its our time to shine. We must shine.

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