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Amery Rey Tuesta – Waiting To Be Released lyrics

I don’t understand!
While someone is
Busy in helping you.

You careless go around
Making others life difficult

You never thanks. Instead
Of being thankful
You give a shit
And enjoy the achievements of others
It’s not your time to use the finger
If you want to point someone
Start following your three
Left fingers of your pointing hand

You listen now!
Unfortunately is like this now. This we called hope
You follow me now. This we called trust
You do what I say. This we called to learn
And remember, now you learning
To teach later

Easy it will no be
Doubts you will have
But, we are people
Who really cares
About your life
Believe me. Out there it doesn’t matter
How much money you have
You don’t want to be alone
You don’t want to feel
Yourself meaningless
We’re here to help you
To teach you how to think
Of course, you can do it by yourself
Just don’t forget we are longer here
It’s not about right and wrong
It’s about your fucking life
If you don’t care about it
Then don’t expect others to do it for you
Life will never end, but your time here will
So do nice, for you to be happy here

And fight for your dreams
While you are waiting to be released

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