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Amery Rey Tuesta – The Swing Of Your Fear lyrics

Who the fuck do you think you are?
I won’t be your puppet!

I’m not your commercial free TV
I born free and I will die free

You are not the lion king!
So, don’t come to fuck with me, man!

Because I’m not gonna move my feet’s
To dance fooled with your fears

All alone I’m with your issues
I can’t wait to get you alone

And say goodbye to all your vacillations
Because fear is not my swing

If I have ta fail, I have to fail!
But, I’m sure it is not your business

So piece of shit let me live
And wane along with your fucking clubbing beats

You will never see me dancing
With a mouth dry from fright

Because, the swing of your fear
Will never touch me once again

Never once again!


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