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Amery Rey Tuesta – The Hidden Sun lyrics

The sun is hidden again
Behind the clouds, he stays
To see how much we miss him
He always comes back again

He will never be gone
We are not the only one
Who needs him to live
Mother Earth needs him as well

Let’s talk about thousand clouds
Millions and billions of drops
All them comes from the sun
To give life, beauty, and justice

Always best things
Is thrust in your trials
Through them, you will learn more
About yourself

The sun is hidden again
You walk in the rain
It will be over very soon
So what we need now is to wait

If you don’t like to wait
Do something instead
And don’t wait, under the rain
You are free to hide your self as well

Always-best thing in life
Is follow the sun
Through him, your will learn
To light up your life every day

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