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Amery Rey Tuesta – The Greed lyrics

With the wind, with the sun, with the water, with the fire
With the flora, with the fauna our life can be full rich
Without any hindered

But the greedy who is seating on the sit of this machine
Proudly is driving his imagination
Which came up true
But he is never satisfied, because he thinks this world
Belongs only to him
He wants to have it all
But he is too small
To conquer everything

He is nice, he is fun, he is kind and he is polite
He cares, he helps, and he never looks sad
In front of the crowd

On the TV he always looks so shiny, he always speaks so wise and he always keeps smiling

But if you ask to him to share a little bit more and then you will see a new thing

Thirst and hunger you can find everywhere
Naked and sick you can see here and there
Without concerned

Often you worry about your future while other doesn’t have food to eat today
It doesn’t matter how much troubles may happen over there you want your food here again
One day you say we should change and the next day you do the same

I’m the greed
I’m the greed
I’m the greed
I’m the greed


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