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Amery Rey Tuesta – Stay Calm lyrics

What is the time?
It’s not easy to start
Looking around

I get lost in my thoughts
Forgetting my world
And the rest of my life
I feel too small
To dare
To do the next jump
I feel my body itself
Rejecting the fact
But something is there
Which is
Squeezing my heart
I want to be
Like a stone
But it’s not
Working anymore
I tried all kind of things
But now I think I know
How to gather my whole self
To find out
Who really I am
I love music, literature, art
I know a lot and nothing at all
I don’t cry because time I don’t have
Who really I’m. My name sounds like this
In South America Amery and like this
In North America Amery, but my mother
Calls me Luis Antonio
Is this what I am. Is this how I look
Is this walking around, shitting, sleeping
Eating and giving a shit when duty
Calls to stand and protect this
We called Earth

This we called Earth
This we called

This we called Earth
Jump and don’t see backward
Anyway they always
Will stay in your mind
Keep focus otherwise the past
Will conquer your now
And future will never show up
Stay Calm!
Stay Calm and relax!
Stay calm and relax!
Stay calm!
Stay calm!

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