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Amery Rey Tuesta – Love Me Again lyrics

It is all true. I committed mistakes
What can I do and what can I say
I really don’t know what to do about it

Out there my life is screwing me up
Sometimes I forget that you live with me
It just happened, without being aware
Please, girl, love me again

I can’t call it home. If you are not there
I can’t sleep well, without the warm of yourself
Please, Love me again. You know I’m a good man
I’m trying to get something good for you
Maybe, for you is not important at all
But for me it is. Because my whole life is going through it

I’m so used to you and I didn’t know
Until you went away from me and my life
I don’t know anymore what is good without you

Please, come back to light my life again
But don’t come back for compassion
Come back! Because you want to love me again
I know your heart will be happy
To give me the chance to be with you and love me again

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